I would like to clarify my earlier posts to mention that tech-support was not my primary activity while visiting. ^_^; It just took more effort than anything else, so there’s a lot more to say. ^_^

Well, had a last second problem with my dad. I had updated his graphics drivers, and gotten Civ IV to a ‘workable’ state on his machine (still had some odd problems, but the terrain was no longer invisible). But, when he tried it again, it was back to it’s old shenanigans. So, for the moment, we’ve swapped games (he’s borrowing my copy of Age of Wonders, and I’m borrowing his copy of Civ). And I’m wondering whether to get him an AGP card (it’s got the slot, but is running on chipset graphics), or if I should start looking into modernizing my system (again) and give him my current GeForce 6200 card while I move on to PCI Express….

Hmm. I could see if the card currently in Utena (my previous system, and currently hanging around as a ‘backup’) would be up for Civ IV. If I do end up needing Utena, I should be able to transfer the 6200. Might be worth thinking about….

Anyway, the weekend was spent at the home of some old friends that I haven’t seen in way too long, Elaina and Mike. And their two-year-old daughter, Rowan.

Rowan is an extremely bright and impressive two-year-old. It doesn’t hurt that she was also quite taken with her “Uncle James”. ^_^

They showed me some of Guild Wars (not bad, but I’ve got enough addictions). Talked too much WoW (which they’ve quit due to financial belt-tightening) with Mike. Showed him some of the games I brought down for my dad, and may have accidentally made another convert to A Victory Lost….

And most importantly, got somewhat back in touch. I really need to get better about emailing.

Drove back Sunday, and had a very smooth trip up. Getting everything put away was more of a challenge, as I had more stuff than when I began….