Of course, there’s always a few things I miss in any major release. I put out an emergency fix for some trouble with the AP reinforcement card right after getting 2.0 out, and then there were a couple of setup mistakes, which are now fixed. I really do hope this version will be stable for a bit.

New features:
* Beachheads have ‘send to Corps Assets box’ command
* New Open Hands window icon
* Zoned player hand windows for better reporting
* Added button to remove all OPS (attack/move) markers

* Added BU entry flag to 2nd stack in Galicia
* Fixed spelling of Salonika in AP Reinforcements
* Removed 2nd beachhead from Salonika Invasion forces
* Fixed send-to commands for Jafar Pasha and No Prisoners (and they count in hands now)
* Fixed Serbian setup
* Reworked spaces in Mesopotamia (beware stacking oddities) & corrected spelling of Diwaniyeh in reporting

I recommend everyone update to this version, available at the Vassal page.