A couple of things lately:

First, we did the Battle of Darrowshire last Tuesday. This is an outdoor Raid event, so we got all available 60s (7), and went in with not a little trepidation. As it turns out, it isn’t so bad. We got through it with five deaths, three by Noxlux, me once, and Lance once. It keeps you running around a bit, but it’s not too hard to keep on top of. Actually it could make good training for handling adds in a fight. Anyway, Noxlux didn’t actually have the quest, so we’re all set to do it again tonight.

A few of us tried a bit of Scholomance for the second time this weekend. The first time we went in with a five-man group and had major problems with the second room. This time, we only had four, but we stuck to the first room (which we skipped the first time).

Mostly we did okay, but there’s a group of four in one corner, and a group of five in another that we couldn’t handle at all. We did get to a quest item and grab that, but for now Scholomance just doesn’t seem to want to happen for us.

This last Sunday marked our first run into Stratholme. We had the the usual team of Blanc, Dunain, Jariedthe, Blondiewood and Brunev. We did ‘live’ side, or part of it. Which was surprising with the amount of undead we saw for most of it. The evening got off to a bad start, with a couple of delays, me dying to a Scarlet Courier ambush (the bridge was clear before I went across – I swear!), and then the Scarlet Courier group spawned on top of us while waiting in front of the instance (safety tip: don’t camp in the middle of the bridge), which netted a couple more deaths (including Brunev, who was rebooting his system).

Once inside, things were much better. Progress was a bit slow, but I’m sure it’ll pick up once we get used to the instance. At the least, we finished off two quests, made some progress on a couple more. We got into the cathedral itself up to where there was a large group to fight at once. They wiped us, we called it an evening. We would have liked to go further, but it was already getting late on a Sunday.

So this next weekend has a BRD run scheduled for Thermidor, and a second try at Stratholme. Busy, busy, busy.