Reaching back a bit, Farmishi and Shrimpette did a Zul’Ferak run. Part of the grand plan to get set up for Sunken Temple. Farmishi is now 47, slowly inching towards joining in on the high-level runs.

Which would give me a choice between which of two support classes to play. Hmm. Definite pattern there.

Not that playing a Paladin is anything like a Hunter. As a Marksmanship-spec Hunter, Dunain does a lot of damage, and can send Lance off to distract an enemy for a while (particularly mages and elementals, as Lance generally has higher resistances than anyone else). Farmishi is split between Holy and Protection, so her damage is low – even for a Paladin. However, as Brunev found in Zul’Ferak, once she’s got someone locked onto her, it takes quite a lot for her to lose aggro again. So, she’s essentially a combined secondary tank and secondary healer.

Saturday was another Blackrock Depths run. Something of mixed bag of things to do. The primary impetus was that Dunain had inherited a lot of Dark Iron Ore from Jariedthe when she switched from Mining to Enchanting about a month ago. Since I had take it out of the mail system, it was chewing up a lot of inventory space.

We went in with Dunain, Blanc, Blondiewood, Thermidor, and Jariedthe. A little clearing, and I finally did my turn-in for Jail Break. (Anvilrage Captains: 9. Plans: 0) Between this and the last couple runs, the party had a large number Relic Coffer Keys. So we did the Vault. I opened the last door, the golems activated, and… what’s-his-name appeared.

Things didn’t go well. Blondiewood dropped early in what was turning into a confused melee. Lance also dropped, though I managed to get him rezzed again. Blanc and Jariedthe eventually got worn down and died. However, they had done such a collective number to the golems that I was able to finish them all off in pretty quick order at this point. Thermidor dropped about the time I finished off the last golem, and I was in no shape to take on a mage.

Pity, I’d been so close to pulling it off.

Lance was pretty ticked at me when I rezzed him again when I got back to the instance.

By the way, Blanc instituted a system using the new marking symbols from 1.11 when setting up a fight, so most combat was a very by-the-book afair.

After finishing the Vault, we paid the Dark Anvil a visit and got Darkvire for Thermi and Jariedthe to get their Shadowforged Keys. And then on to the bar.

Rather than smelting Dark Iron, my current plans are just turning in the Ore to further my Thorium Brotherhood rep. I’d have to check, but I think turned in 140-160 ore this time. So, do this another 16 times and I’m at Revered! No problem! (oyyyy…)

We then proceeded to the back. The Lyceum was a bit of a problem, since we had a hard time finding Flamebearers again. But we kept it together and pulled it off.

Then both Thermidor and I died to the flamethrowers in the next hall. We took care of the monster easily enough, but those flames are annoyingly hard to avoid properly.

The final hall went very smoothly. There were also five, not the normal three, Anvilrage Captains there. Count: 14. Plans: 0 (darn)

Better yet, the Princess acted correctly when we did the final fight, so three of us have now completed that quest. I need to fill up on Dark Iron Ore and invite Brunev along so he can finish it.

And last night I strolled through Stormwind with Marshal Windsor to confront Onyxia (again). We actually picked up something of a crowd this time. Naturally, now that we had a bunch of spectators, it went wrong.

Marshal Windsor walks up, clad in riteousness (and good Plate), denounces Lady Katrina Prestor before the court of Stormwind, and reads from a pair of tablets – suddenly Katrina Prestor transforms, revealing herself as the black dragon Onyxia!

The Regent runs from the room, Bolvar Foredragon yells for the guards, and Marshal Windsor stands ready to fight his enemy.

Dunain whispers, “Onyxia, it’s your line!”

The event stalled at this point. I eventually received a ‘fail’ on the quest. According to Blizzard, this is a known problem. But I’m going to have to look up what I can do about my failed quest. (grumble)