Book two of John Gill’s continues straight on from the first volume, with the Austrian army in strategic disarray after Eggmühl and covers up to the end of the Battle of Aspern-Essling on May 22, 1809.

Unlike the previous book, he then steps back and looks at the campaign in Italy, starting with Archduke Johann’s invasion and early victories, and ending with his retreat back out of Italy in mid-May after the Battle of the Piave.

This expanded scope is welcome, but I wish it had been inserted earlier. Even better, the maps in this volume are much improved from the ones in the first book. Those were horrible to actually use, while these are much better at depicting the geography in question.

Better yet, while these problems with the first volume are addressed, the quality of writing and descriptions are exactly at the high levels of before. This obviously one work under three covers and, with improvements, continues straight through with his description of events in the summer of 1809.