I’ve been waiting for the season to finish off, as I have yet to see the end of the latest My Hero Academia season, as the dub is running behind. Or, I guess I’m into the second half already. That explains that.

My Hero Academia — Continuing to be strong, and the Shie Hassaikai bit ended in a combat that was excellently done.

Sword Art Online — Okay, on one hand, this is being very good, and still the best the series has been since the original story. On the other, the number of different complications and such is starting to drag this out. We’re left at another cliffhanger. Catch up to this ahead of the Spring season… and hope we’re at an end.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Legends — Well, this is odd. The internet exploded a few months ago with the results of the end of the season. But it’s not over here yet. Getting close, as we’re deep in the tournament now. At any rate, the usual good job, and a lot of great character moments.

Food Wars — Okay, this ended well. Not quite as I expected, but pretty close.

Granblue Fantasy — Kind of a pity that this lost the unusual art style of the first season. However, it’s still a good series, and there’s been some good looks at secondary character’s backgrounds. Also: best opening of the season.

Black Clover — Our schedule is still a bit light, allowing me and Smudge to make up some more ground. The Royal Knights tournament… was inventively done, but was still a tournament, and I could do with fewer of those. What’s going on around it has generally been good, and I’m definitely liking Mereoleona.

And then there’s a couple things from this season I’m just now seeing, and a rewatch for Thursday with Baron & Dave.

Ascendance of a Bookworm — This looked interesting near the beginning of the season, and Smudge started me on it a few weeks back. It’s been good, with some nice characters, and a lot of sweetness. I am wondering when we’ll catch up to the framing at the start of the series.

Classroom Crisis — I’m a little surprised this is only about five years old, it feels like it’s been longer. Anyway, this is the current main thing we’re showing the guys, and they’ve been very happy with it. I’m more than happy to see it again too.

Restaurant to Another World — This was the previous series we shared with the guys. I think it took Dave a little longer to get into it, but once he did, he certainly enjoyed it.

Pokemon Advanced Battle — Slowly working through the next DVD set. We’ve hit a major bit of the Ruby/Sapphire plot, which will be interesting to see how it plays out.

No Guns Life — This is the current secondary show with the guys, and I haven’t seen it yet either. I’m fairly happy with it, but they guys are kind of just along for the ride. I do think Baron’s description of ‘pulp written by a teenager in the Appleseed universe’ is very apt. But it’s been pretty fun if you just go with it.