Again, running late with a post here. Still on a comparatively minimal schedule (two nights a week) to support the MMO habit.

Rise of the Red Comet — This is the current one to watch with the guys, and the best of the season. Sunrise is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Gundam with a set of prequels/re-tellings of the original material, and this one covers a lot of history more-or-less following Char Aznable around, showing a lot of the later developed backstory in sequence. It’s not as good as Yamato 2199, but that’s a really high bar to hit, and this does come close. Really recommended.

Rising of the Shield Hero — I started this around the beginning of the season, and have now caught up on both seasons. I was a little doubtful of it as the ‘big push’ anime, but it has done a fairly good job with its big idea. I do find Naofumi overly grating on occasion, but overall he’s a good character, and the plot has been good.

Fairy Tail — …which is still in its ending sequence. One big fight. Well, not quite, and the mini-arcs in it are quite good; its maintaining a pretty solid pace for me.

Violet Evergarden — This is a slightly older series that we’re watching with the guys (Smudge has seen it before and recommended it). I’m not quite enamored with it. I like it, I like what it’s doing, but I do find it drags out past its welcome a little. Well, we’re still in the middle of it, so we’ll see how it ends.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Legends — Continuing to be solid fun. There was a after-show bit for a few weeks… that turned out to be entirely showing how an Eevee got to Alola for one of the characters to catch. The last bit I’ve seen has been the fourth island trial, which was pretty well done.

Dark Clover — It keeps going, and it keeps not padding itself into oblivion (the underwater temple did go an episode or two long, but that’s nothing compared to some…). There’s still a fair number of things to complain about, but am happy to keep watching as the plot lines have been getting more solid as they go along.

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea — Caught this movie just a couple weeks ago. It’s kind of a crossover between the then-current Pokemon Ranger game and Ash’s adventures, but in the end it is Ash as the central character. Not one of the best movies, but certainly far from the worst too, and it was nice that there was a particular thing being worked with, and not a save-the-world scenario.