It’s been another light season of anime watching for me, mostly because of FF XIV, but I’ve managed to stabilize the schedule so that I am keeping up with a few things:

Cardcaptor Sakura — The new series is walking a fine line between being a sequel, and reworking ideas and plots from the original for people who haven’t seen it. Overall, it’s successful, and easily made the top of the ‘to watch’ list. Now, when’s the rest already?

My Hero Academia — Another very strong season. I wasn’t entirely happy with the school camp bit (I felt it dragged out a bit, and they didn’t do a good job of juggling all the different moving parts), but the follow up from that was very good. Oh, another weak part: not enough Uraraka and Froppy.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures — The best thing here may be the new Roku app for the Pokemon Channel, since the listings are better, and the previews are finally showing up. But, really, the series is continuing to be very good, and I definitely liked the adventures with Nebby. The fight in Ultra Space, not as much, but at least it wasn’t dragged out.

Food Wars — Another surprisingly good season. I was merely okay with the Hokkaido tournament stuff for most of the season, but the ending parts helped pull it together, though it ended kind of in the middle of things. I am really liking the development on Erina, which has been one of the stronger parts of the last two seasons.

And that’s everything I’ve actually kept up with. The next two series are also of interest to Baron and Dave, but tying them down long enough to watch can be a problem…

Yamato 2202 — Unlike 2199, I’m not familiar with the plot of this one at all, so it’s being a real voyage. The quality is just as good, and this is my highest recommendation, even if we’re still at the point where the real plot is about to get going. There’s already been a lot of adventure, and some interesting revelations about the last three years….

Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory — The fourth series has been another quality production. I really liked the mix of humor and serious military in the first series, so it always gives me a little disappointment to see it (understandably) moving more to the latter at the expense of the former, but I’m really liking the fact that the main characters have recognized the problem, and want to try and preserve their more ‘ordinary’ lives in the face of all this.

And then what I’ve seen just a bit more of:

March Comes in Like a Lion — Continuing to be a well-produced series, and I think I saw just about all of the third (production) season during this period. Smudge is saying that this is about where it gets really good….

Black Clover — Only saw a few episodes of this. I was recently commenting to AJ that it had villains I could generally respect (a bit rare in shonen fight-anime), but then the next arc has a crazy, ranting, trope-arrific villain. Argh. There’s a reason why this is nearly the bottom of the ‘to watch’ pile.