It is possible for there to be more Firekeeper novels after this (and the ending is an obvious lead-in for the ability to have more), but there wouldn’t be as much point. This one deals with the biggest Macguffin of the background: the Divine Retribution, or plague, or curse, that wiped out major spellcasters a hundred years ago. It also ends with a good declaration of just how comfortable with herself Firekeeper has grown. While there’s potentially a lot of world left, and some dangling threads to explore, it would be hard to feel like anything more could easily match the scope.

Wolf’s Blood features two completely separate storylines that collide for the climax. It’s obvious what the collision course is, and the alternating between the two adds a lot of tension to a book that takes a long while to really get going. Unfortunately, the payoff for this isn’t so well done, as the second storyline, with a completely new viewpoint character, basically disappears under the weight of the main one at the end. It does get a very abbreviated conclusion, but needed a bit more to really round it off and get a good feel of Bryessidan coming to understand just where things had gone wrong.

Meanwhile, the extensive cast of characters is very good, and move along the plot quite well. A few earlier characters are re-introduced at odd times, but I think this book would stand on its own quite well if you have not read the first five. While I recommend the series as a whole, this is one of the stronger entries and recommended separately.