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With a one-front war, it’s not impossible for the Kzinti to strike back, but there’s not a lot to do either, so my teaching game has already finished off my half of turn 1.

The first turn construction schedule for the Kzintis is limited, and after building everything, constructing defenses on the capital, and repairing the cripples, there’s still 30 EP in the Kzinti treasury. Sadly, I know that this will not last, and there won’t be enough EP to go around soon enough.

Kzinti: CV, CLE, DD, FF, FFE, 4xPDU (Kzintai)

I figured I’d take a stab at BATS 0705, and sent a force to pin his forces on 0504, so only the Reserve would be mobile and in range. But he reacted in the Reserve, meaning that the local forces were still mobile but the Reserve couldn’t do anything more. If I’d had more distant options, it might have been important. After sending in the main force to 0705, I moved an extra CV group down there, and Carl moved from 0501 to intercept, but I just sidestepped out of the way to avoid them (if I’d been less mentally lazy, I would have moved out of range in the first place to keep his ships from getting closer to Kzinti space for free).


0705: Lyran: crip CA, CL, DW; Kzinti: dest CLE, crip CC
0504: Retreat after refused approach

At 0705, BIR went high, and I rolled a 1 while Carl got a 6 for 20 vs 34 damage. If it had been more typical, I probably would have had just a crippled ship, and with low damage, hopefully taken it all on fighters. In the event, I decided to retire a CLE early (they’ll slowly get replaced with the much better MEC, which I can start producing next turn), and just use a regular CL as an ad hoc escort next turn. In the meantime, the Lyrans took another three cripples on a stack that already had a bunch, and they refused to pursue a largely intact Kzinti force (which was short on fighters, only having the spares from a TTV).

So, we’re a turn in, and Carl is hopefully a bit wiser. The real challenge for the Kzinti starts next time, as the Klingons join in, more than doubling the number of ships invading, while the Kzinti have turned their Home Fleet into two reserves to help out on the assault.