Back on Saturday the 11th, we had another group gaming day. There was only four of us (me, Dave, Mark and Jason), and we had decided to go for a round of Circus Maximus followed by other shorter games.

I had decided to go one fast chariot (+2 driver, fast team), and then a slower one that would be as aggressive towards the other teams as I could manage (I chickened out of a heavy chariot, and had high endurance and a 0 driver). The fast chariot rolled decent for the team, and I had a top speed of 22 (including the driver bonus). Only Dave’s red team had a comparable speed, and he did great maneuvering for the corners, gaining a small lead. My second team ended up as part of the main pack, but it never had a good opportunity to try and thin the competition for my lead team. In fact, that happened to just about everyone, and the first lap was fairly peaceful.

But not without incident. I started pushing my cornering speeds early, and my second team, with the slower speed, needed to do it more, with a lower skill…. My die rolls tended to alternate high and low, and while I never had trouble with my high-skill driver, my second team ended up taking a double-sideslip during this. During the second lap, I started getting opportunities. The main event was getting a chance to attack Mark’s lead chariot, and Dave’s lead chariot on the same turn as I came out of the initial turn of the second lap. Notably, I managed to injure Dave’s team to slow him down a little, and then I got him again at the end of the straightway. But, that became largely moot as Dave ended up getting trapped going into the the third lap, and had to brake hard to avoid a crash, and wasted a turn between that and being trapped in the 8-speed lane partway into the turn (he had otherwise been positioning properly to go through the turns cleanly on the 8, which is why he had been in the lead.

Mark was the only one close to my lead chariot after that, and he couldn’t keep up with my high speed. My endurance on that team was low, and I burned through the last of it on the final stretch, but otherwise there were no problems. Meanwhile, my second chariot was still struggling for position, and went into the final turn at 2 over speed… and rolled a 17 to flip the chariot! My driver stayed with the team, but expired as they crossed the finish line.

Final placing:

1 James
2 Mark
3 Jason
4 James Wrecked—Dead
5 Dave
6 Dave
7 Mark
8 Jason

Mark had brought over Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and we tried that out after lunch. Jason was the only person completely unfamiliar with it (Dave had seen the episode of TableTop with it, and I had seen part of a game at a con), and got confused when he ended up being the Haunt. But it wasn’t too hard to set things up for that. The Haunt ended up in the basement, where two of us were, and I had just gotten the spear, and was going to try confronting him on my next turn.

But first, Dave’s character decided he was an action hero. He went into the collapsed room to leap from the top floor to the basement, confronted the Haunt, defeated it, and solved the final problem after that, all in one turn.

Past that, we tried a round of Forbidden Island, and being nearly out of time, hurried through any explanations. We had just enough time to lose due to one of the tiles with a treasure disappearing.