Story from a bit back, but it came up elsewhere, so you get it too. ^_^

We did a third Uldaman run a while ago. Started with me, Blanc, Blondiewood and Thermidor. Went pretty smoothly, except the mage (Thermi; lowest level character in the party), got himself splatted several times. In a pick-up group, I’d probably be annoyed with him, but I know that Thermidor Keneticus Kelvin just doesn’t know how not to be as grand, flashy, and destructive as possible. But that’s Thermi, not the player. ;^_^ This was Thermi’s second run, so we got him caught up; Dejek, rogue and third-highest level character in the guild, showed up as we went back in, and we went down to the final room of vibro-golems. That went surprisingly smoothly. It helped that the little guys were wimps; me or Dejek could almost one-shot them. Got the disks, took a fair amount of ribbing about being related to Trogs (which Dunain did not find funny; the pet, Lance, was no help: [Dunain] Lance, are you going to let them say that about me? [Lance] Mrr. <snicker>. But we were all done.

Two weeks later, in the middle of the Badlands: “You want me to go WHERE?!?”

Yeah, we missed one.

So. Surgical strike, we go in the back door, stuff the tablet in our back pockets and leave. Three characters, probably less than an hour, and a handful of deaths. There. All done in Uldaman. Again.

Since then, Malzina (my Fickle Moos character) finally got to see Ragefire Chasm, a small instance under the capital of the Orcs, while Micca [Smudge/Blanc] played bodyguard. Not bad, other than being the hate-magnet it was certainly quite a fun little run. Of course, leveling up twice (once from monsters, once from quests) didn’t hurt either.