For those who are not following Smudge‘s LJ….

A couple weeks ago, we got notice that the rent on our apartment would be going up at the end of the year. And they were trying to pressure us into a six-month lease again. So we went apartment/house hunting.

Our secret weapon? We had another friend, Dave Bryant, who was paying a bit much for the corner of a house he was occupying. So, we could look for a bigger place, and let the shared rent bring the average lower for all of us. We all know each other (Dave not only roomed with Baron at one point, but Dave regularly comes over to watch Anime with us.), so we know what we were getting into. Of course, he has his own business, so we’re looking for a place for four people and two businesses.

The househunting began.

While we had some early disappointments, it was encouraging to find a steady trickle of places that were more-or-less what we wanted, and were in our price range.

So we found a place that had it all (give or take a few square feet), and applied for a credit check. I’ve just gotten word from Smudge that we passed the check, and we now have a place to move to. It’s a corner owner’s unit in Sunnyvale. We just need to hammer out when, how and how much. By my understanding it’ll start around the beginning of December.

I’m afraid with all the money that’s going to be thrown around to do this, I’ll be lucky not to have to borrow money from somewhere, so don’t expect much (if anything) in the way of Christmas presents from me this year. Month-to-month outlay is going to get a lot better, but the short-term is horrible. I’m thinking of celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day instead. Or even celebrate Christmas by the Julian calendar (which turns it into Jan 7, 2006 Gregorian -_^), but that’s probably not enough time to have money again.

I’m also thinking of posting the new address and phone friends-locked here. It’ll be harder to loose than an email, and I might even be able to use it for ‘what’s my address again’ at some point. But if you want to see it, you have to be on my friends list, which means having a login that I can put on the list (this means YOU Mom & Dad… ^_^). Or not; I’m not sure it’s the brightest idea.