I have to say, I hadn’t expected this one.

Several of the friends that we sucked onto the Uther server to become part of MinionsOfTheFickleMuse play Horde by preference. So one of them started a new Horde character on Uther. This lead to a mass creation of Horde characters by most of the main cast of Fickle Muse last Friday.

It was an interesting experience to have several other people right in the same low-level boat as you. An established character helping out a new one is pretty easy, but when everyone is dealing with the limited resources of low-level characters, it’s a bit more challenging.

WoW keeps the two sides (Horde and Alliance) from talking or otherwise communicating, so the Alliance character’s resources and guild are unavailable to Horde characters on the same server.

Last night, we picked up a couple stragglers and the Horde guild MinionsOfTheFickleMoos became official! (All my fault after noticing that most of the characters would likely be Tauren. Smudge‘s idea of ‘Horde of the Fickle Muse’ was also good.)

So I’m involved in two guilds (or maybe it’s 1 1/2), and I’m a founding member in both….