From ADB:


Show someone how much you really love them by naming a starship in the Star Fleet Universe after her!

For $9.95, you can name a starship after your wife or girlfriend, or for $19.90 you can name one for each of them! You can name starships for any or all of the women in your life: your mother, daughter, sister, cousin, or the secret object of your admiration!

For only $9.95 we will name a starship from the WYN Navy after your lady friend, and send you a cheesy laser-printed certificate commemorating this fact. Even better, we will record the starship name in book form in the US Copyright Office just as soon as we get around to doing the WYN Navy Master Starship Book!

Don’t delay, we might finish that book any day now and then we won’t be able to name any more starships for girlfriends except on the much less prestigious errata sheet!

If you are naming a starship for a lady friend and do not want your wife to know about it, then be sure to give us a separate address to mail the certificate. There will be a separate $9.95 charge not to tell your wife who else you are naming starships for, but heck, we will throw in a starship named for her for free!

[Too, too silly. Yes, it’s a joke, though you apparently can request such a name, for free, by email. SVC also notes:

WYN: If nobody noticed, the WYN ships are all girls’ names. Many are the wives or girlfriends of staffers. [WYN AxBC] Nancy is named the girls who dumped both me and Petrick in college.

Oh, and we’ll be lucky to see the WYN Master Starship Book in the next 5-10 years (part of the joke).]