This last weekend was Further Confusion 2008. This is usually a good con for us and for the business, and this year was no exception.

Money: Our dealer’s table did very well Friday and Sunday, and was soft Saturday (opposite of the usual pattern). We understand that the dealer’s room did well overall, and we certainly did very well. The art show was soft, and looked to be so for everyone. Many people are blaming the economy, but the strong sales in the dealer’s room seem out of character for that.

Baron had a color pencil demonstration panel that apparently did well, even if it was a bit abbreviated. The entire crew had two other panels. The “Furry Martial Arts” panel (which we also brought in Drew and Jareth for) went very well (despite us losing the handouts for a day). Our third annual “Coffee, Tea and Memes” panel was excellent, we had a good large crowd that generated some truly great discussions, and left me jazzed and happy all the next day.

That was the second best thing about the con.

The best?

None of us were sick during the con. After last year, where Smudge and I were out of it at the end of the con, and the year before, where I had to stay home a day, this was great news. In fact, incidence of ‘con crud’ seemed to be pretty low overall.

On the other hand, the weather was pretty poor. It can stop with the rain any time now. Really.

All the usual things applied. Had a great time, saw great people we hardly ever get a chance to see, and all the rest. Also, the hotel restaurant was back to its usual self after last year’s disappointing performance. Smudge and Baron have been active on Fur Affinity for the last few months, and it seems to have paid off well. BackBreaker saw several new customers who sought us out purely because they knew of us through FA.

Oh, Dusty put together a short live-action furry samurai drama that premiered during the show. I missed that, but did get to see a sneak preview(/quality check), and have to say he and his crew did a great job on it!