Patch and I did our usual two rounds of CC:A between ASL games tonight. The Battle of Utica from the Truceless War pack was up tonight.

I had the Carthaginians first. With six cards to four, going first, and three units of elephants, they seem favored, but with how variable elephants can be, and only five banners to a victory, it could be easy to get in trouble.

I drew a Mounted Charge, and decided to go all in. This worked out as I eliminated an Aux, a Light, and a Med with his leader, while reducing two other units to one block at the cost of one hit on an elephant. Patch managed a second hit on another elephant on his turn, but that was it. I used Line Command to move up the bulk of my force, Patch hit an elephant with his Hvy, and whiffed (three swords, two leaders), while the battle back only did one hit.

I then used Inspired Left Leadership to get the weakened elephants back in motion, along with my MC. I hit the Hvy for a one hit and a banner, Momentum Advanced, and did it again. The other elephant hit his remaining Med, did two hits and and a banner, Advanced, did one hit, he battled back and got a banner, and I killed him on the Rampage. 5-0

I’m glad it was Vassal. At five player turns, it would have taken longer to set up than play.

When we switched sides, I was quite gratified that Patch did not have a Mounted Charge to open with, though he did use Order Mounted. He didn’t do nearly as well as I did, but he did manage to reduce both my Meds and my Hvy to two blocks apiece at the cost of one unit of elephants and a block on another.

I pressed forward on the left and knocked out the (weakened) elephant there. Patch came back in on the right-center and lost his final elephants on bad rolls. I Line Advanced to get into range of the bulk of his forces, damaging one of his MC, when he hit me with Order Mediums. That took out both of my Meds and my leader with them. My Hvy had been knocked back early, and I started moving it up again, but a Line Command from Patch shattered my line, which was all Aux and LS.

I Double Timed with two units to get my Warriors into action, and they knocked an Aux back to his base line. Patch then picked off my Hvy. I tried to pick off his MC with leader, but couldn’t get more than one hit. Patch returned the favor, but a timely First Strike got his MC before he could finish off my Warriors.

In desperation, I Ordered Center and made three archery attempts on Meds in the center of everything… and managed to get one hit each time. 5-4

Tactics sure help in this game, but there’s no beating hot dice.