Okay… so I haven’t talked about WoW for a bit. The reasons for this are one, I haven’t been playing as much lately, and two, the original point of writing up WoW adventures was to talk about humorous incidents and maybe talk about some of the more impressive things we’d seen.

So, while I have been playing, and there’s been a good number of runs through the BC instances, there hasn’t been as much fresh material of late.

However… this needs to be told. ^_^

Wednesday, after Micca was up and running again, we managed to scrape together a group for Shadow Labyrinth. Blanc and Dunain had a quest item to pick up, and Thermidor had two quests to do.

In general, we have problems with the third boss, Vorpil, who’s a pure annoying fight at the best of times. However, a previous attempt last week stalled at the second boss, Blackheart, who is usually a pushover for us. This week… it got strange.

Blackheart isn’t very tough at all for a boss himself. The problem is that he will regularly mind-control the entire party to fight each other. It’s random and chaotic for who’ll end up fighting who, but the party can do much more damage than he can. Also, what ever random things you do can end up burning a lot of mana. Usually, it ends and we pick up the pieces and go on to finish him off after about the second bout of party mind-control.

This time we got unlucky. Thermidor got finished off during the ‘fun time’, and Dunain barely survived, only to be taken out by a cleave before he could bandage. Down two people early, I thought it was going to be a failed fight… but Blackheart couldn’t finish off Blanc, Jariedthe, and Asclepius. So… we ran back for the instance. Right after arriving, Blackheart randomly targeted Thermidor and ran for the entrance himself! o.o

We ended up bailing out a couple times while Thermi and I tried to get ourselves up and running again, before rejoining everyone in the front hall of the instance to finally finish the fight.

Other than that silliness, everything went very smoothly.