Crossposted from the SFU blog on BGG.

As I hinted when I released version 1.3.1 of the F&E Vassal module, I had something new in mind. Specifically, I’m looking to start over and do a brand new Vassal module. My hope is to be able to add new features that I can’t current do.

One of the pain points of the current module is actually the map. It is half done in CorelDraw, and half in Photoshop, and exporting the first into the second is a challenge (there’s some places where it’s kind of coming apart in the latest revision that I just can’t get fixed). So, I have done an all-new map purely in CorelDraw. Since it can’t be exactly the same size as the old one, using it would break all saved games in the current module. Therefore a new module is needed.

And since I’m starting over, and I have a pure vector map, I can handle a request that’s been popular:

While I’m at it, I’m re-doing the counters to get away from the pixel-twiddled images I have now, and make them a little easier to do. Though doing all those counters all over again will take time. A lot of time.

Also, the new map comes at a price. It takes a lot of memory, and is too big for Vassal 3.1 to handle. However, Vassal 3.2 (which is just entering beta) can do it. It also has a few other new features, dealing with math that should allow the new module to handle stats around crippled status and showing the stats associated with a fleet marker.

What I need now is people to discuss the new module with. I want to bounce ideas off other people, and get input so that I can make it the best module I can, and I can get started on it from the beginning, rather than having to re-do things constantly. If you’re interested in discussing this, contact me, I want to have an email conversation with everyone who’s interested to hammer out ideas. The only caveat is that you will need to install the test version of Vassal v3.2.0 so you can follow what going on. (Note that doing so will require you to be cautious with Vassal, as you need to remember to switch back to 3.1.20 with any ongoing Vassal games you have.)