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Federation aid to the Kzinti is really making a difference, as their economy jumped from 61 to 74.2 EP this turn. In addition the Federation had sent 20 EPs of financial aid last turn, some of which was absorbed by drone bombardment costs from last turn.

All in all, the Kzinti had 87.9 EP to play with, and were able to build their first new DN in three years, with no ships being canceled. The backlog of cripples is still a problem, however.

The Hydran on-map economy, meanwhile, shrank from 20 EP to 16. They built a HR, a CU (off-map), a new PDU and repaired a SIDS, in addition to repairing all off-map cripples, and converting a DG to a LB.

The Federation built its second CVA, and an FV. The Limited War provisions really tie their hands. No overbuilds, and no new tug pods. Pity, they can build a very nice heavy carrier pod (VAP), and have the money to do it, but it will have to wait. They did upgrade every DN in Star Fleet to DN+.

I had initially thought to strike at the Klingon minor planet in 1407, but Belirahc reacted off of 1504 as my first strike force went by. At that point, I shifted gears and hit the three planets under Klingon control in Kzinti space. This allowed me to use the Federation Carrier Fleet 1 (centered around the CVB), as it had been out of range of any targets in Kzinti space on the original plan.

Kzinti theater

Hydran theater

1605: Klingon: cripF5L destroyed
1504: Klingon: dest 2xD5; Federation: crip FF; Kzinti: capture planet
1505: Klingon: dest D5; Kzinti: dest FF
1303: SSC; Klingon: crip 2xF5 & retreat
1202: Klingon: dest PDU; Kzinti: dest SF
1105: Klingon: dest F5; Kzinti: capture planet
0418: Klingon: dest D5
0519: Lyran: crip CW

The Kzintis lost two ships and took no cripples. That certainly helps with the cripple situation. Though I need to remember to get another couple of scouts soon, Belirahc is starting to go after them, which means I probably need to use the much tougher MSC in place of the SFs.

And another quick look at the numbers says that the Alliance is up another 19 ships, mostly from 11 Federation new builds. The Kzinti are up 7 ships and the Hydrans up one, for a grand total of 240 (only including released Federation ships). The Coalition is up 22 ships for a total of 368, fairly evenly split between the Klingons (10) and the Lyrans (12). Since the Klingons have the bigger build schedule, this points up the fact that they are tending to take the losses at the moment, something that will presumably accelerate when the Federation gets fully involved in the war.