Looking for small, simple, ASL scenarios to give Mark a chance to concentrate on the general flow and maneuvering a few squads, I came across a tiny scenario from Rivers to the Reich. It was originally Squad Leader/GI scenario 302 from the Series 300 pack, and uses a couple large overlays to mess with the very familiar board 3.

The Germans are defending the board 3 village (that doesn’t change) in early December ’44 with two 838 squads, two 9-1s and two LMGs. The Americans are attacking with five 747s, two leaders, a MMG, and a pair of DCs. They have six turns to find two ammo caches that are HIP in buildings inside the road loop and destroy them (which takes going TI for a turn—note by the wording of the SSR, this seems be either player’s turn…), or make sure there’s no unbroken German units at the end. The Germans set up entirely inside the road loop, and can only go one hex outside that area (including to rout, though berserkers are allowed to go wherever they need). Both sides can freely Deploy, and the Americans enter from any one board edge. The overlays are oddly positioned, as they don’t line up with other terrain, but they do cover the hills with woods and a little open ground, and Wd3 eliminates the only three-hex building in N1 on the board.

I took the Germans, and only deployed one squad as I didn’t see a lot of point to having a pair of LMGs if the only real point to them was a 1 ROF (and longer range in a short-range scenario), and put my three stacks looking down the three roads going into the loop. Mark entered in the SW, where there’s a nice line of wooden buildings as cover. This was also where the full-squad was, so I had good firepower, but Mark was generally content to stay to cover, but final fire broke a squad and HS.

Mark moved them back to T0, safely out of sight, but didn’t rally them for my turn. I stuck around for a prep fire shot at T1, but had no effect. Thankfully, his return fire did no better, and I backed off in APh.

He got both units back for his turn 2, and moved into the village proper. My squad took a shot at S3 and the LMG at T3, netting me 1 1/2 broken squads, a broken 9-2 and a pinned squad adjacent to me. His advancing fire had one success, pinning my leader in T4.

Situation, American Turn 2, showing the entire board. North is to the left.
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