Okay, it’s getting so I can’t remember what all we’re doing.

However, our most recent foray was (yet another) Blackrock Depths run. was not feeling well, and for once, there was no Blanc, Micca, or Shrimpette present. And for once, I was the party leader. Well, kinda, I guess I’m more of a ‘yeah, that sounds good’ type. Anyway it was Farmishi (who’s now 53, two levels up from last time in here), Blondiewood, Jariedthe, Thermidor and Noxlux. First task was doing a jailbreak run for Thermidor, who’d gotten his evidence last time. With monsters in the front area being green even for Farmishi, that went smoothly, and the jail break went well. We then proceeded to the bar (picking up the Windsor’s evidence for Jariedthe and Noxlux on the way), and got Hurley Blackbreath and a quest for Farmishi (but not the eyepatch Jariedthe is wanting). And then out the back for the Emperor. A bit tougher, but by this point, the unusual team was ‘gelling’ pretty well, and we kept moving at a good clip.

Then we got to the Lyceum. Which is a very different proposition. We did okay at first, getting one torch lit. Then the hour-long party buffs went out, we bogged down attempting a rebuff and got swarmed. As ususal, Farmishi was the last one down, but just doesn’t have the ability to finish off this kind of group on her own so she can attempt resurrecting party members. The second try also wiped from a bad set of circumstances without even seeing a torchbearer. The third time was the charm, we located a torchbearer, kept moving and got the doors open no problem.

After that, it was pretty simple. Fighting at the far end of the corridor of flamethrowers really helps. The Emperor fight was not bad. The main problem being that I just could not keep Moira’s attention, and she wanted to pick on Noxlux. Oh, and there were five captains (plus two from the jailbreak), so Anvilrage Captains: 26, Black Dragonscale Leggings plans: 0. (sigh) Farmishi got a couple of minor equipment upgrades, and Flame Wrath, a replacement for the venerable Blight.

Saturday (the day before) was an epic Stratholme run, where we effectively did both dead and live sides. It started… not so well, with some wipes. We did pull it together though. The first part was going in the back door, and effectively tracing the path of a 45-minute Baron run, without actually worrying about it (thank goodness, with our wipes). However, we did get through it, and we actually took down Baron Rivendare on the first try.

After that we crossed over to the ‘live’ side. This was to allow Noxlux to catch up on quests, and for the rest of us to get the head of Balnazzar (which starts a quest, and only after you turn in a quest to kill the guy next door…). That went fairly smoothly, especially compared to what the first couple attempts were like. After that we attempted another try at the “Hoarde” door, and wiped against the mini-boss there before calling it a night.

There’s been more, but I have to admit it’s mostly slipping my mind….