Dealing with the other battle on the 16th of June 1815, Osprey’s second Campaign book on Waterloo is more of a companion than a sequel.

Interestingly, while having to cover some of the same ground, the introductory sections are quite different from the first book, dealing more with Napoleon’s escape from Elba, retaking power in France, and the general military structure set up. We then get the Prussian maneuvers as the French cross the frontier, and a full description of the battle of Ligny.

Like with the first volume, we have six full-color maps, three isometric view maps, and three of Gary Embleton’s two page spread illustrations. (This is probably their standard art budget.) “The Battlefield Today” section has current photos of La Haie, part of the Ligne brook, and d’en Ligny.

I haven’t read any other books purely on Ligny, and I think this does go into slightly more detail than Hussey’s two-volume book on the campaign. The only other current book on Ligny (and Wavre) I know of is Grouchy’s Waterloo, which came out two years after this. I haven’t read that, but I can say that this book does a good job detailing much of the action, and the full-color presentation helps a lot.