I took over maintenance of the Pursuit of Glory module ages ago, because I had a lot of trouble with it wanting to use shift-commands, which caused me to keep firing off commands while typing in the chat box. It was also using an older version of the map, which implied you could get around the water obstacle for the Suez Canal (you can’t).

The second edition of the game came out last year, and changed a few things, so I’ve been needing to update the module ever since. I finally started real work on it in January, have finally finished it off, and it is now available from the top entry on the Vassal Engine page.

Major features:

  • Map and cards have been updated for the changes in 2nd edition.
  • Counter graphics updated, including changes like Italians being dark green.
  • Top bar extensively reworked and standardized to 30-pixel images.
  • Symbolic die button used.
  • Solo mode added.
  • All markers and units from cards should be in the reinforcements windows.
  • Added overview and notes windows.
  • Enhanced chat log reporting.

While this is technically not an all-new module, very little has not been changed. You can load a previous game in this module, and after doing a counter refresh, everything should work (though control markers will definitely all revert to AP control), but I don’t think I can recommend trying it.

This is my first time doing a module with a complete toolbar replacement, and I developed a few graphics which I will hopefully get a chance to re-use in future projects.