So the new season has started, and I’m actually getting on top of a few new things, as Smudge and I’s schedule just cleared out some. But in the previous three months, we’ve had a lot of really good shows, the top end is very crowded here:

Yamato 2202 — We’re still in the ending parts of this one, but the action has ramped up quite a bit, the stakes are high. The character development is mostly all on the villain’s side, and not on the main characters, even though there’s things that need doing there.

Golden Kamui — We just started watching the latest season with the guys, and so far it is living up to the previous material. The crazies are still crazy, and the new ones fit in with the rest of the cast all too well.

Mob Pycho 100 III — One of the amazing things about this series is how it will build up to the point that is what the initial high concept is all about—and then not do it. And it works. Mob Pycho has always gone in odd directions with it’s plots, and they’ve only gotten better at it. All three seasons are really well worth watching.

Ascendance of a Bookworm — We’ve hit the third season finally, so I’m in all-new territory for me. Myne’s world is continuing to expand, with action outside the city, and the guilds paying more attention to just what she’s been coming up with. Overall, it’s one of the more solidly-constructed looks at how medieval Europe worked.

Lower Decks — We’ve now finished off the second season Blue-ray set. Where’s third season? Because they had a really good run of episodes here, and we’re all up for continuing.

My Hero Academia — Yes this is good, and recommended. The fact that there’s so much I’m putting above it is just a measure of how crowded this season’s been at the top end. Also, Smudge and I have just recently gotten to this, so we’re only a few episodes in. The plot and action are already in full swing, and the tension has been sky-high for a couple episodes now, with things just about to get worse.

Goblin Slayer: The Goblin Crown — Just saw this the other night. I’m not happy with the recap at the start, there are much better ways of handling backstory than a big up-front expository lump. That said, I’ve seen far worse. Once the movie proper gets going, it is very good, with the main focus, character-wise, being on new characters, which means this is a side-story, and shouldn’t be needed for watching a second series if/when that comes out.

Komi Can’t Communicate — We’re into the second season/series, and it’s been very good the entire way.

Devil is a Part Timer — We also finished this off a bit ago. Overall, leaning a bit more on the action side of the series this time, which is perfectly fine, especially with the humor continuing to be very good even as it takes the back seat. We’re getting a lot more hooks into an overarching plot now, and that has been getting interesting.

Sea Beast — Very well-done and well-developed CG movie. The ending is a bit off; I think they needed one more draft of the script to get that where it needed to be. As-is, it feels a bit rushed, and ‘okay, now we have all the balls in the air, how to finish this?’ Still well worth watching.

Eden — This is a four-episode miniseries put out on Neflix. It’s well produced, and well done, but a bit predictable. I do recommend it, but there’s plenty out there more worth your time.

Utawarerumono: The Mask of Truth — Smudge and I finished this off last month. We had problems with some of the journey (especially the previous series), but it definitely came in for a very good (if typically overpowered) ending. Overall, I do give the two recent series a recommendation if you enjoyed the original, but it isn’t as good as it either. Oh, and they really love their ten-dollar Japanese words.

Dr. Stone: Ryusui — As ever, Dr. Stone is more entertaining than it should be. But this “special” has all the problems of the series as well. Characters are way over the top, too many things work right the first time…. However, there’s a lot of good bits in there, including some good psychology (it doesn’t matter if you’re giving a forced choice, as long as it gives the person a part in the process, a bit Machiavellian, but wise). Also, you will need to see this in between regular seasons, as this is obviously all set up for the next plot arc.

The Girl From the Other Side — This was a short miniseries that feels aimed at the art-house market. Overall, the focus ends up being on style rather than substance, and the plot is just too low key. It is well done, but it feels like it could have been even more.

Kingdom — Smudge and I have hit the end of the initial run, and the series has switched to a new studio, has a new cast for the dub, and has a different translation. Overall, this is all an improvement. I don’t entirely care for the new style, but it’s a little better. The translation is better, and the voice cast is a wash. The action/plot is in one of its better stages at the moment, but still not climbing out of the bottom of the pile by being aimed straight at the junior high audience.