Well, things have been a bit active. A while ago, we had scheduled a Horde-side Razorfen Crawl run, only to realize at the last second that the two main characters the run was for (Malzina and Uhgreah) were too low level to get the final quest. So we put it off a month.

Three and a half weeks later points out that the run is coming up again. And I’ve barely even touched Malzina in the meantime. So, I begin a program to get Malzina up five levels in (effectively) three evenings. It… didn’t go so great at first, and I had one frustrating evening where nothing wanted to work, which was an especial pain as I normally find the frost-mage lots of fun.

Then I realize the run is late Sunday, instead of early Saturday. So, I end up just kind of coasting over the level 30 finish line…. The run itself was short-handed, but certainly fun.

After that, we decided to hold an event for the midsummer celebration. The WoW holiday includes quests to visit bonfires lit all over the world, and the quests to vist the high-level areas are accessible to very low-level characters, so we decided to send a high-level team with a warlock to the bonfires and summon all the low-level characters for their quest. While we were at it, we also made it a flight point collection event, summoning the lowbies to the flight points so they’ll have them in the future.

This, unfortunately, can be quite time consuming. Especially when the highest level Hordies are mid-40s going into an area meant for 50-60. The initial Horde-side event only covered half of Kalimdor. However, it was still a blast, and a neat group activity.

The Alliance side-run the next day, still had one minor problem. While we have plenty of level 60s, our highest warlock (Shrimpette) is only mid-40s. Still we got all of Kalimdor done, and several low-level characters got to turn in a quest that normally wouldn’t be doable until 50 or so.

And Saturday night was the latest in our string of Blackrock Depth runs. Slightly different lineup this time: Blanc, Dunain, Brunev, Blondiewood, and Jariedthe. Those last two are both druids, and Blondie acted as main healer and Jariedthe as second tank and emergency backup healer. We got a few different things done:

First we went after Bael’Gar so Blanc could finish his quest. This area had given us trouble last time, and given me doubts about how we were going to get through the rest of BRD. After shaking out the new group, the highway went much smoother. While Blondie didn’t always have mana left at the end of the fight, she wasn’t needing to down a potion half-way through either.

We went down to the prison section to get Brunev caught up with the rest of us on that chain. That area is getting downright easy.

We went to the bar. There’s been a couple of ‘bar runs’ recently, but Dunain wasn’t on them, so we got to do the two main quests there. I’m not sure what we did (have to check one of the guides) but we got the city watch coming in the back door to ‘investigate’. We took that on… without properly preparing. We got some bar patrons involved, and pretty much wiped (I feigned). However, we took out all but one guy, so once ready we lead him out the back door and finished him off.

Went around and got the bosses/drops for Marshal Windsor, so we’re probably doing a jail break run next time. Went and cleared all the way to the back. …And I discovered that I’d used a bar out of my stash of Gold Bars. And, looking at it, I had misremembered that Gloom’rel wanted 20, not 10. So, still no Dark Iron Smelting for me. Next time, next time…. While we were there, we got ourselves ‘attuned’ to Molten Core. Who knows if we’ll ever go there. But we’re ready if we want to.

Then, we went into the Lyceum. It did not work out well. Part of the problem is that we were often getting a few groups on us at once. We bogged down, and then wiped. And I’m just not sure what we can do. One thought is that we were too tank-heavy and needed more DPS for that room, but being tank heavy is what allowed us to do so well in the rest….