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Okay, the new version of the F&E Vassal module has turned into quite an undertaking. For some reason, I’ve decided work through just about every idea I’ve had for the module and not gotten to, and put them in the upcoming 1.3.

With any luck I won’t need to do this again for quite a while, because this is certainly the biggest update I’ve had in ages. Certainly, it has the longest feature list of any update I’ve done.

Anyway, last week I put in just about every legal heavy fighter carrier conversion outlined in (530.221), and not just the couple of ‘common’ ones that actual counters have been provided for.

Now, I’m redoing all the HDWs. I went with the AO route originally, just general counters with a box that marked what mode they’re in, but not actually giving specific stats. That saved me a lot of effort, and since the module didn’t give the combined total in the stack viewer at that point, it had minimal effect. Now, I’m providing a separate counter for each legal mode. I’m also putting in a sub-menu that allows quick switching between modes.

Who do you want to be today?

So, anyone who’s waiting for the ISC War update, sorry for the delay, as all these extra things I’m doing are pushing back the release of that. The good news is the delay has given me time to notice a couple things hidden away in the rule book to put in the module, such as overlays for the new provinces the Romulans and Gorns annexed at the end of the General War.