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Well, when I put the mini-battle boards into the capital charts, I knew I was going to be re-doing the regular battle boards. First, there was actually a new feature to put in (the slot for plus and minus points), and then I wanted to update the look to match the much nicer style I’d achieved by starting with CorelDraw instead of PhotoShop. I think it’s much nicer looking:

However, that left the ‘Charts’ the boards where the module lets you keep track of the Raid Pool, available tug pods, the Depot, and other limited items as the last bit of pure-PhotoShop graphics. While they aren’t bad, they were starting to look out of step with the rest of the module. So, I’ve decided to re-do those too.


I’m still working out just how I want the new ones to look, but I think this is pretty much it:

As always, I’m interested in hearing opinions and advice.