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I’m sorry for the long delay in posting here, but things have been going on! Belirahc sent forces into both Alliance capitals, and those fights really dragged on. After 131 Vassal logs for the combat phase, things have finally wrapped up for the turn.

By this point, I don’t really remember what the heck happened during the movement phase, but here’s how things looked at the beginning of combat, and the run down of all the combats:

Kzinti front.

Hydran front.

0215: Hydran: crip KN; Lyran crip FF, dest CA, DD
0902: Kzinti: dest SB, crip CC, BC, CL, CLE, EFF, 2xFF, dest DD, EFF; Lyran: crip CA, 3xCW, dest 3xCA, 6xCW
1017: Hydran: dest SB, crip 5xHN, dest HN; Klingon: crip F5L, 3xF5, E4A, dest 2xD7, 2xD6, E4, 2xFV, 2xE4A (1 captured and expended)
1003: Kzinti retreat to 1104
1304: Kzinti: crip FF, retreat to 1204
1105: Kzinti: 2xPDU, planet captured; Klingon: crip D5
0915: Hydran: dest BATS; Klingon: crip D5, E4
1116: Hydran: dest BATS; Klingon: dest 2xF5
1217: Hydran: dest BATS; Klingon: dest E4
1219: Hydran: dest BATS: Klingon: dest E4
0416: Hydran: dest 2xPDU, crip SC, planet captured; Lyran: crip 4xDD, 2xFF, dest DW, FF
0318: Hydran: dest BATS, crip 3xLN; Lyran: crip CA, dest CA, 2xCW
0718: Klingon: crip F5L, 2xF5, E4
0617: Hydrax I: 2xPDU; Hydrax II: 2xPDU, devastated; Hydramax I: 4xPDU; Hydramax II: 2xPDU, devastated; Anthraxan I: 4xPDU, devastated; Anthraxan II: 2xPDU, devastated; Hydran: crip TR, dest 2xCU, 2xHN; Klingon: crip D7, F5L, E4, 2xE4A, dest 5xD7, D6, 2xF5L, 5xF5, 3xE4; D7, D6 captured (and re-captured)
1001: Kzinti: crip FF; Klingon: crip F5, dest E4
1401: Kzintai II: 2xPDU, devastated; Keevarsh I: 1xPDU; Vielsalm III: 2xPDU; Vronkett: 4xPDU; Kzinti: crip 3xBC, MEC, CL, 2xFF, EFF, DF, dest CL, FF, DF, 2xEFF; Klingon: crip D7, D6M, dest D7, 3xD6, 2xD5, F5L, F5, 7xE4; Lyran: crip BC, CC, dest CA, 2xCL, DW, 6xDD, 10xFF
1502: Kzinti: crip BC; Klingons: crip 2xF5, E4, dest 2xF5

Things went fairly well on the Kzinti front, and not so well on the Hydran front. Given attacks on the the homeworld, 0718 and 0318, as well as all three starbases, the Hydran navy was overmatched, and frankly, somewhat out of position.

I decided that the Coalition didn’t have enough to do more than raid the capital, so I sent out partial reserves to save the Major at 0718 and the BATS at 0317. The latter is especially important as letting the Lyrans take it for free would cut the off-map off from the capital. I didn’t send nearly enough to save it (especially in the face of his willingness to self-kill), but the retreated ships will keep the grid connected between the off-map and 0509.

Unfortunately, I underestimated just how much had gone into the capital. He didn’t have what it takes to take out the actual capital planet, but everything other than that is devastated, and he did get a couple of PDUs on the capital itself. The Hydrans also managed to capture a D7 and a D6, though the D6 later got re-captured. Pity the D7H isn’t in the game.

I figured that the Kzinti were looking at a capital raid, so I already had a good chunk of the Kzinti fleet in place to defend it. That battle went on longer than I expected, mostly because Belirahc was willing to bring mostly crap, and then self-kill much of it to press the attack. Three planets were devastated, and one more stripped of its defenses, but in return the Coalition lost 35 ships. I expect this will noticeably alter the pin-count calculations on that front, and I really need to total up just how much everybody has.

Also, the Lyrans do not have any forward supply posts yet, so the 5 Lyran ships left over from the capital (two of them crippled) are stuck in 1402 out of supply. The Klingons hold 1003, so they won’t even be in supply next turn unless they’re declared Homeless. Of course, I’d like to see to it they don’t live that long….

During Strat move, pretty much all Coalition construction moved to the Hydran border. Things are only going to get tougher down there. I assume he’s set to blitz the Hydrans and try to kick them out of the capital well in advance of Federation involvement. It’s time, and past time, to turtle.

He’s also strat moved the portions of the Klingon Northern Reserve that hadn’t already moved out to 1504. Both Lyran reserves and two of the Klingon ones are on the Hydran border. The other two Klingon reserves are at 0504. The Kzinti have things to do, if they can manage to get ships on target.