The second half of Lisinthir’s Heirs is just that, the second half of the story begun in Dragon’s Fealty.

It does have an interesting way to to begin, with two characters waking up and recovering from the trauma at the end of the previous book. As they need a bit of time and calm to get going again, so does this novel.

Interestingly, while it’s all one story, and basically the same cast of characters, there is some real shuffling on who is prominent in this one. A set of Eldritch who were returning from the Chatcaavan Empire were briefly introduced in the first book, but we get a few well-developed scenes with them here, where their personalities and friendship really come out.

I will say my biggest problem is with the ending, where a couple things drop out of the ether as a deus ex machina. However, there is a bit mentioned just before that which shows we’re dealing with yet another character who has prior existence, but hasn’t been mentioned before. And who he is and what he’s doing answer’s question that should growing in the reader for the entire duology. However, motivations here are entirely opaque, but that’s probably intentional.

Having just seen the entire list of characters for the books, I can’t blame myself for having trouble keeping them all straight; this is way too short a space to be introduced to that many characters without prior reading, which again is no surprise; go read some of the other books in this universe first. Despite the trouble, it’s still well put together, and a satisfying story, even if we are left with a major dun dun dun! and “to be continued” tag right at the end.