Patch and I’s latest ‘between bigger games’ round of C&C:A was the third of the ‘early barbarian’ scenarios from Expansion #2 at the end of April. The Battle of Clastidium gives the Gauls a bigger army (12 to 8), the Romans have three leaders to one, and more Command. With such small armies, the battle is only to four banners, which I think is lower than any other scenario I’ve seen.

Patch had the Romans the first time, and started by calling I Am Spartacus. However, the dice gave him a single medium to order one of his MC, who did two hits and a banner to an Aux, and then finished it off with momentum. I Ordered Mounted to bring up my two MC against his Lights, who evaded without loss. Patch did a Coordinated Attack with his MC, driving mine with the leader with one loss, and then hitting a Light with momentum, who took two blocks, but then did two in return to the MC. He then killed the other MC for no losses, and finished off the Light with momentum.

I Ordered Lights to bring up a line of Auxilia, finished off the weak MC, and drove back a second with one loss. Order Mediums let Patch envelop my left, killing an Aux at a cost of one block to a MC. 1-4

I opened the second game with Order Two Right, and lost a block to a First Strike before driving them to the Gaulish baseline in my second attack, and momentum merely had us trade blocks. Patch Ordered Two Center to rearrange a bit, and I did a Coordinated Attack, and did a block to a Light, lost a MC completely attacking an Aux before driving it off on a second attack, and finishing it with momentum.

Patch Ordered Mediums, and surrounded my forward MC and leader, destroying the MC, but the leader successfully evaded to a Light. I Counter Attacked, trading a block each on two units per side. Patch Ordered Lights, to reduce a MC to one block with ranged attack, and then finish it off with a Light (I figured a pair of 1/6 chances to hit was worth sticking around for a die battle back). I Ordered Mediums (with only two left…), and finished off a Light, then got an Aux with momentum, and then did two hits to an Aux in return for one hit on what was my only full MC.

Patch Ordered Two (…one) Right, and I evaded the Aux. I Ordered Two Left, forced back his Aux, and then finished it off with momentum. 4-3


I was not helped in the first game with two cards (out of four!) being Order Left, and the first thing Patch did was nearly eliminate my left. Even with a larger hand, the second game wasn’t much better, since it’s too easy to not having anything meaningful except in the center in these small battles.

Overall, it’s a fun little scenario, and will certainly be over in a hurry, but it’s size does mean its going to very swingy, and prone to bouts of lopsided luck.