Roberson’s latest Tiger & Del novel keeps up the high quality of the series. The pair are finally settled down and going off into ever-after land, when Neesha decides he wants more adventure. This doesn’t turn it into Neesha’s story. The viewpoint is still very solidly Tiger’s, and he is still the center that events move around.

Tiger is getting older, and certainly the tone is a lot different than where it began, but he truly has things he wants past his own ego now. It doesn’t seem like Tiger is slowing down, but the story itself is a bit slower than previous books, perhaps showing through plot that he is, just a bit mind you, past his prime.

The plot itself rambles a bit more than normal, with it going through several important bits that don’t necessarily tie directly to each other. But the beginning and end tie together very directly, and the middle does tie the various threads together.

Of course, this has always been a character-driven series, and the characters, as ever, make the book. I recommend the entire series, and while it actually wouldn’t too bad to start here, the other books are well worth reading, so go and read them.