After the disaster and near-ending of the game last turn, this has slipped far down the priority list, but the game does continue. Bryon (and I, to be honest) is hoping we can get this to the introduction of PFs, which is getting close.

Income took a fairly deep cut this time, with the Klingons losing about 25 EP, and the Romulans down another 6. The Lyrans were up 1.3 EP due to a lack of raids into their space, for a total contraction of 30.7 EP (all before exhaustion), for a total income of 285.975 EP after exhaustion. Unlike last turn, I actually mostly prioritized new ships, planning to return to an emphasis on repairs next time.

Klingon: B10, C7, D7, D5W, 5xD5, 2xAD5, F6, 2xFWE, 3xF5, F5J, B10->B10V
Romulan: NH, FHF, 4xSP, SPM, 3xSK, SEH, WE, [BC]->G-BC, WE->KE, SP->SPM, SK->SKE
Lyran: DN, TGP, NCA, CW, CSV, CWE, DW, 3xDWE, 3xFF, FRD, FTM

The Klingons cancelled their C8 for an extra roll on B10-3 (which got 5 & 1…) and it is now a couple turns from completion (34 points), while B10-2 Insatiable finished, and was converted to a B10V. Meanwhile, a D7 was substituted out for the first C7, starting the overall trend to bigger cruisers with CR 10. The Lyrans built a second scout-carrier, but the Romulans still need to find hulls and budget for their free fighters (another CNV would be nice, if expensive).

Both the Klingons and Romulans put a war cruiser into the the Raid Pool. Overall, raids did not go well. No raiders were damaged, much less destroyed, but called up POLs still managed to cause most of them to retreat. The Lyrans hit Kzinti space with both of their raids, and succeeded with one. All four Klingon raiders and three Romulans went for Federation space, and destroyed one FF, while disrupting three provinces. The SHR went after the Fed LTT in Gorn space again, along with another raider in Gorn space, but neither got anywhere.

The Klingons have a major cripple backlog to take care of, and the Romulans have a few more cripples than I’d like, so it was decided to keep their operations fairly minimal. The Lyrans meanwhile have worked through just about all their cripples, and went on the offensive, working to take a decent chunk of Kzinti space to force them off of an offensive deeper into Klingon space. Elsewhere, the Lyrans were limited to moving back towards supply, now that their grid in Klingon space had collapsed. The Romulans did a limited offensive, pinning a Federation reserve, while trying to retake some of their captured planets.

Lyran offensives.

Romulan counteroffensives.

The Federation only could move two reserves, and only used a couple ships from them, keeping me from taking 2106, and interfering with a Romulan sweep of ships out their space (I’d lost track of the fact that there was a reserve in range), while the Kzinti reserves went to the small fight in 1505.

3318: SSC: Federation: crip FF
1410: SSC: Federation dest cripFF
2106: SSC: Klingon: dest 2xF5
1202: Kzinti: dest POL
1101: Kzinti: dest POL
0801: SSC: Kzinti: dest POL
1003: SSC: Kzinti: dest POL
1504: Retreat after denied approach
1505: Kzinti: dest CM, 2xDW; Klingon: dest E4A
3415: Federation: dest DWA, DE; Romulan: dest 2xSK, crip KE
3612: Romulan: crip WE, capture planet
3509: Federation: crip NCL, FF; Gorn: dest BDE; Romulan: dest VUL, K7R, crip 2xSK

Byron had left a single crippled Federation FF next to the Klingon capital, and I sent out a couple of cripples to finish it off, and retrograde back home. About a day later I remembered that the Federation 2nd Reserve was in range of the fight if he wanted to give me a big problem (…and himself a logistical problem), but the 2nd sent a CA and FFS to save 2106 instead, and my F5Ls took care of the intruder with no problem. The latter fight rolled 4 vs 11 in SSC, and I figure the Fed squadron just did a textbook Kaufman Retrograde to the poor F5s.

Part of the plan was to get the Kzinti Earl’s and Duke’s fleets on 1407 out of supply, and limit his options next turn. The reserves into 1505 threatened that, but I managed to retreat off of there (taking the planet, even temporarily would have been a good bonus, but not why I was there) onto the reserves, which weren’t very big, and took losses trying to stand up to a full line.

Sadly, after all of this, the main plan failed, as I hadn’t realized the Kzinti had one more POL to call up, which can restore supply to 1407 after a lot of effort to cut it off. If I’d actually taken 1504, it would have still worked, and I might have been able to do that, at a cost of notably more casualties, and probably fewer Kzinti casualties.