Well, we had scheduled to do a BRD run this Saturday. The bad news is that one guildie mis-read my notice of clearing my Sat for action as a move of the run to Sun, where I had cleared my SFB game to.

This… irked me some, as I’d really gotten stoked up for this run. But it isn’t really anyone’s fault.

So, we ended up with a Scarlet Monestary run with the second-tier characters instead. Since this was an emergency re-org thing, it wasn’t all that well organized. I did the main pre-req early Sat, and then forgot to grab the sequel that actually goes into SM. Shrimpette was along, but is still too low level to even do the pre-req, so at least Farmishi is in good company when we make another stab at that.

The bit of a run we did do (for Mythology of the Titans), went well. It was me (Farmishi: Pally), Shrimpette (Warlock), Brunev (Mage), and Thermidor (Mage). Everyone had something to do, the two mages had a mage quest, and the ‘low’ three had Mythology, and Brunev had everything. So, I was right at level (38) and playing Main Tank and Main Healer. I’m not exactly experienced at either in a real group situation. We had about four wipes, one right after the soulstone on me gave out… oops. And one against the final boss in the Cathedral. I managed to rezz all the corpses away from him, and the second try worked out pretty well.

The fun part was getting back through all the respawns to the entrance. It did not go well, and we just couldn’t stop getting real wild adds. There was one where we ended up with about 12 guys all told (not all at once thankfully!), and I actually kept us going on that one. The next time didn’t work out so well. So, we took our free trip to the graveyard, picked up our bodies at the beginning of the instance, and headed home.

Well, not quite home. Shrimpette was still needing to do Shadowfang Keep for part of a Warlock quest, so we headed out to there. We ended up picking up a Rogue by the name of Bliss. I’m still not sure what happened… because she zoomed through most everything, despite being about 5 levels under Shirmpette (the lowest Muse present), leaving us to try and keep up. Afterwards, the stats showed her and Thermi (20 levels above her!) as having done about the same amount of damage through the instance, with me at a nice 20% (out of 5 people). And I was healing. One death, Shrimpette (easily fixed ^_^).

I was quite happy to get out and do something more sedate, like run Thousand Needles in my ‘show’ armor (which puts me down by about a third of my armor value). She certainly knew her stuff, but is a bit too overachieving for me. ^_^;

And, in addition to the SM-run discussed under the cut, three of the same people are doing another SM run right now on their Moos characters. (Not me, Malzina still needs to do Wailing Cavern….)