This… is pretty classic Zelazny. Well-written stories with a somewhat overpowered protagonist, and often a zany twist to them.

Not to say that Dilvish has it easy. Most of the stories put him in real danger, and he gets pretty beaten up during the longest short story of the set. But his constant companion is a demon in the form of a metal horse that is untiring, fast and nearly invulnerable. Dilvish has a supremely high pain tolerance (from having spent a couple centuries in the House of Pain in hell), boots of catfall, and of course is very good in a fight. But, the running thread of the series of short stories here is his hunt for revenge on the most powerful evil sorcerer in the world, so he’s going to need some advantages in the long run.

The chronology of the stories is fairly loose, but mostly consistent. Dilvish picks up an invisible sword early on, which is important in the next story… and then disappears. Some time passes in here, and other events outside the focus of the stories are put to rest, but I don’t see any reference to what happened to his special sword.

Past that nitpick, the stories are all good, though drift some in style, as they were written over a two decade period. The longer stories, near the end of the volume, are particularly good.