Hexwood starts off conventionally enough. Earth is an unwitting backwater in the galaxy when an ancient device activates, and the ruling junta’s efforts to stop the problem fail.

Life on Earth continues normally, except for our main character. She observes strange goings on right outside Hexwood Farm (the secret storage facility where this is going on), and gets drawn into the situation, and a rebellion against the cruel leadership of the House of Balance.

And already we’ve gone off the track, because despite appearances, that isn’t entirely true. The rest of the novel slowly goes down a rabbit-hole of increasing awareness of just how much everyone’s perceptions are being played with. It would be interesting to try and map out some of what’s actually going on, but a lot of it is deliberately obscure, and probably impossible to pinpoint exactly.

Despite the confusing mess that the novel tries to descend into, it’s very well written and engaging. I’m kind of disappointed in some revelations near the middle, and while there’s a definite case of characters popping out of the woodwork at the end, much of that is actually mentioned earlier. Worth a read, but be prepared for the plot not to be what it seems!