After some delays, Patch and I finally did our usual round of Commands & Colors: Ancients, with the Battle of Crocus Plain from Expansion #1. It feels a little odd going into a hoplite scenario that hasn’t been re-done in Expansion #6; the Macedonians are post-Phillip’s reforms (and have some medium and heavy cavalry), but the Phocians should be the same hopiltes we’ve been dealing with for the last dozen+ scenarios. The Macedonians definitely have the advantage, with the Phocians with their back to the wall (or, the sea), and with a noticeably lighter force.

I had the Macedonians the first time, and led off with Order Two Right, sending my MC forward to force a light and LB to evade back to the sea. Patch Ordered Three Left and did a block and forced one of the MC to retreat with archery. I used Leadership Any Section for Philip to get the middle in motion, with a light getting into archery range. Patch Ordered Three Left again, doing a block to my light, and forcing the other MC back on a banner, but did no damage with his LC, who advanced into range of the wounded MC.

I Ordered Three Right to surround his LC, and wiped it out on the first try. Patch Ordered Three Left to pick off a block on the second MC, and on the light. He also got a banner on my HC, but the leader kept them forward. I Counter Attacked to bring my cavalry into contact with his flank, and knocked out a light unit, and reduced an auxilia to 1 block (after a First Strike that missed), while losing a MC.

Patch used Leadership Any Section to pull the Aux out and advance two mediums, and he did one block on my HC… which killed my leader! I Ordered Two Center to finally bring my heavies to bear, and reduced a medium to one block while forcing it back, and wiped out another while taking no damage. Patch used a Line Command purely to shuffle over, and re-form. I used Coordinated Attack to move part of my detached flank, and send my remaining MC into his reduced units. I knocked out a 1-block medium, and since the leader was already against the bay, he lost him too, and then the MC momentum attacked to knock out the auxilia. 6-2

Patch opened the second game with a Line Command, and I responded with Order Two Right, which did one block to his left light through archery. I had been waiting for Patch to get a little closer, but he Double Timed his heavies and mediums right into my center-right, knocking out an Aux, nearly getting two mediums, while only taking one block in return. I used Line Command to shuffle over to my right, and did three blocks to a heavy, while nearly losing a medium, and taking one block on another—losing a leader in the process!

Patch followed up with Order Two Center, taking out two damaged mediums, along with the second leader (back was to the sea again), and a momentum attack did three damage to a medium (which should have wiped it out; somehow I managed not to take the hit on the unit that lost the first leader, and we never noticed), and knocked out his one-block heavy in return. I Ordered Four Center to get off the coast, and after some failed archery attacked the remaining heavy with a two-block medium because it beat letting Patch roll first. I did no damage, and Patch finished off the medium. 1-6


The fact that the Phocians can barely retreat at all really dominates the scenario. The Macedonians are heavier, and have an extra leader, but it shouldn’t be quite this lopsided. The main thing that got me in the first play is that I had no center cards to speak of, delaying the use of the Heavy Infantry for a bit. My leader losses (on intact units) in both games hurt too.

It was still fun, and very fast; both goes took about an hour total, which is really fast for a six-banner scenario. The Double Time in the second game really sped things up, and caught me while I was still trying to maneuver.