Maraudon is an instance that’s been sitting on the back-burner for a while. Blanc and Dunain have been looking at quests for it for… nearly 15 levels or so. With Sunken Temple successfully taken care of, it was decided that it was well past time to get ready to run Maraudon.

Quest setup was easy, since the quests are generally not part of chains. Late-ish Sunday four of our top guildies were on-line and ready… and wondering where the fifth was. I spent my time trying to run errands and clean up my inventory a bit, which meant that when we decided to go in anyway, I was a bit late.

We did pick up a fifth person, a Druid named Teamsleep, who I would like to thank right now as having done a wonderful job with us. Especially as he ended up main tanking for the party. Our house connection was slow as we started, generating 2+ second lag times in the game. Real bad news for Blanc, who couldn’t depend on things to go as smoothly as needed for a tank. It eventually cleared up, and we went back to green lag, but Teamsleep was doing so well that Blanc didn’t want to shuffle the duties around and stayed on off-tank and DPS duty.

Other than that, the instance went very smooth, and really fast. No deaths (I think that’s a first!). With a little clean-up for the early stuff after the main run, all the quests were completed. Admittedly, we were mostly over-level for the instance, but I was the second-highest, and most monsters were still green for me, with the end being yellow.

At the end of it all was the Princess. I’ve seen a fair number of stories about fighting her, generally with things going… not so well. It was a challenge. We had a couple of characters hanging on by the skin of their teeth, but she went down, we didn’t, and she made an ugly splat on the floor. (Reports of the character design are not exaggerated.)

Gottesfaust (finally) leveled, along with me (late) and Lance (early). I’m not sure if anyone else leveled off-hand, but I don’t remember any at the moment.

Speaking of leveling, Nanshe, the oldest member of Fickle Moos hit Level 60 the other day! (More shocking when you realize that Nanshe is newer than most of the Fickle Muse characters, and 58 (Blanc) is still the highest on that side!) Happy 60th Nanshe!

Next up: Blackrock Depths (…gulp!)