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Overall, the Coalition economy took a hit from the loss of all the captured planets in Hydran space and some captured provinces, but the fact that the Romulans are still exploring their own space allowed them to pick up nearly 10 EP (including captured NZ hexes) to make up for the bulk of that.

After doing all the repairs I could, the Klingons were slightly short of their goals and had to upgrade a MB to a BS with one fighter module instead of a BTS with the normal two. (Which isn’t entirely bad—taking the extra step costs a turn, but is still the same number of EPs, so if he can kill it this time, I’m out less money, and if he kills it next time, he still encounters a partially upgraded base. I hope he doesn’t kill it at all, of course….)

The Klingons have started work on their third B10 (I think I’m unlikely to start the fourth, but we’ll see how the budget looks in two years), and while B10-2 is delayed (‘1’), B10-1 got a ‘6’ to put it in line for completion in two to three turns (it’s at 32/40; I just need to average ‘4’ to get it in two turns, and as long as I get at least a ‘2’ next time, it will be possible to get it in two turns. …Or it could drag itself out for eight turns, at which point I definitely won’t be starting B10-4….)

Klingons: D7C, D7V, D6M, 4xD5, D5U, 2xAD5, MD5, D5S, F5L, 6xF5, 2xF5E, E4R, MB->BS(f), D6->D6S, D6->D6D, D6->D6J
Romulans: CON, FH, SP, SPB, SPC, SPF, SK, 2xSKE, SH, WE, SNB, WE->KE, BH->BHF
Lyrans: BC, STT, CW, LTT, STJ, CWE, DWV, 2xDWE, 2xFF, FCR, PDU, BS(F)->BATS(F), CW->CVL, 2xFF->DW

My raids were largely a repeat of the previous turn’s: One Lyran raid to disrupt the Kzinti capital province, and one into NW Federation space, while all the Klingon and Romulan raids went deep into Federation space. The crippled D5 from last turn was replaced with a C5 and the Romulans filled their last raid slot with another SP. Both Lyran raids worked, but the Klingons and Romulans only succeeded with one raid each, and another D5 was crippled, though three different Federation fighter squadrons were destroyed.

With the collapse of the Hydran front, my activities there were confined to re-occupying the home system and neighboring planets to re-establish the supply grid, moving cripples out of the theater, and securing all possible on-board provinces. Kzinti space was somewhat more active, with the main Lyran fleet moving over to take out planet 1802, the last Kzinti base outside the capital, and substantial portions of Klingon forces shifting to take out a Federation BATS and planet 2106.

My main goal in that area was actually to hit as many of the planets near and behind the 4th Fleet SB as I could (presumably four of them), and BATS 2603, which lost its fighters in a raid. However, he reacted out a few ships to 2106, and a noticeable number to 2306, so instead I turned everything I had left in range to the SB to try and take it out. Meanwhile, the Romulans continued rolling up the border stations along the border, and sent a force to take the minor planet near the 5th Fleet SB, small forces to two locations past the 6th Fleet SB, and the bulk of the Home Fleet to the major in 3509.

I expected to see one of the western Fed reserves go to a planet fight (probably 2306), and the other to either go to the SB or to 2106. Instead, one went to 2306, while the other went to unpin the reserve in 3209. I had expected the 3008 reserve to do that, and 3209 to go to 3706 or 3509. Instead, both eastern reserves went to 3509.

Kzinti space and the 4th Fleet area.

Minimal activity between Earth and the border.

Romulan Drive For Five.

Picking up after Hurricane Hydrax.

0418: SSC: Hydran: dest POL
1802: Kzinti: dest 2xPDU; Lyran: dest BC, crip DW
1702: Klingon: dest F5
2103: Federation: dest BATS; Klingon: crip F5
2306: Federation: dest 2xCA, FF, MON, 3xPDU, capture F5J; Klingon: dest D7A, D6M, planet captured
2106: Federation: dest CA, FFS, 2xPDU, crip CFF; Klingon: crip F5E, planet captured
2204: Federation: crip NCL; Klingon: dest D6D
2105: Federation: dest FF, crip FF
2610: Federation: dest 2xPDU; Klingon: crip F5G, capture planet, then retreat to let it go again
2511: SSC: both sides retreat
3210: Retreat after refused approach
3612: Federation: dest 2xPDU; Romulan: crip WE, SK, capture planet
3810: Federation: dest BATS; Romulan: crip SEH
3209: Federation: crip NCD, 2xDD, 2xFF, capture WE; Romulan: dest SN, crip WE, 3xBH
3808: Federation: dest BATS; Romulan: crip KR
3509: Federation: dest 2xPDU; Romulan: dest FAL, crip F5L
3806: Federation: dest BATS; Romulan: crip SK
3706: Federation: dest MON, 2xPDU; Romulan: crip SP, capture planet

The Kzintis directed on a BC at 1802, and Byron was happy to trade fighters for a BC. I was happy to trade a BC for a defended planet. After the first round, the Kzinti left, and did a fighting retreat over what would have been a small SSC and killed a F5.

I had two D7As available at 2306, and would have used both if there had been an approach battle. As it was, he killed it and a F5J (which was a hard lesson on just how bad the damage rules on penal ships are), and thankfully, when he rolled a successful capture attempt, got the F5J. He burned the F5J for a die roll bonus on the second round, and then retreated behind the MON and one PDU left on the planet before round three (though he didn’t have any cripples either).

With the reserve going to the 4th Fleet SB, I didn’t have what it took to really threaten it (especially since I didn’t really have specialty ships past three medium and two light carriers), and he had an ADM and I didn’t (he was busy in 2306), and then he spent a command point. Rather than try to slog through to cause some damage over a few rounds, I took a round of 11 ships to 13 once and left. I did a Fighting Retreat over the force that had retreated from 2106, and killed a FF and crippled another in return for fighters. Overall, we each lost three cruisers in those four fights, except that mine were more valuable, and the Federation also lost two extra FFs, a MON, and 5 PDUs.

I thought I’d have a decent fight at 3209, but was sadly mistaken. Part of the problem is the continuing trouble with Alliance EW superiority, and the Roms are nowhere near combating that, so a -2 shift with a small-ship heavy line caused a nearly 2:1 difference in damage. Another good capture roll got Byron a WE, which is in an odd space at the moment. The KE seems to be on its way to being its own hull (the KEV lists its hull type as KE, but the KE says WE), which means a captured WE can’t be upgraded to it (which makes sense, with how thorough the conversion is), and the ‘Queen Eagle’ variants aren’t in the game yet. Byron will be turning it in for scrap, though I’d probably keep it as an extra hull myself.

I put more than enough on 3509 that I figured I could take a major planet with a MON and about half a dozen FFs parked there, and a reserve. I had not expected two reserves to show up, and the fleet wasn’t able to take it. So I traded a FAL for a couple PDUs (couldn’t do enough to kill a third), and then retreated out, taking minimal damage, and left the Federation with a number of unresolved involuntary minus points.

My goals were a bit better focused this turn, and the results show it. The two big disappointments were not doing any damage to the 4th Fleet SB and not taking 3509. However, I had expected two reserves to to go to the two planet fights in the Western Fed (making those fights iffy at best), and one to 3509, which I’d take with some damage, and have something of a bloody fight over the SB. Instead, most of the damaging fights were avoided, and I’m happy with having (temporarily) taken five Federation planets this turn.