Patch came over on Sunday, and we played some Sekigahara. He’d played once before, and enjoyed it more than enough to request it again.

I had Tokugawa the first game, and kept up a fairly aggressive strategy the entire game. This blew up a couple times with some expensive defeats, but I generally caused some casualties every battle (and there were a lot of them), and had some very good victories as well. I took Ueda castle early and kept it all game, but otherwise the East was a problem, with Date being defeated early, and an attempt at retaking Sendai failed.

Resources were tied at first, and then went to Patch for a couple turns, and then started going to me as fighting around Kuwana got very intense for a while. About mid-game I pushed south with a large army of Maeda, and had the cards to use it. I think this did a lot to break the deadlock in the West in my favor, and at the end of the game I had a commanding position, and was starting to mop up his armies, for an 18-9 victory.

State of the board at the end of the game.

After lunch we turned it around, and I was over-aggressive. During week 2 I pushed the main army up to Sawayama, and Patch got in behind me to attack Osaka with a decent force (I hadn’t properly credited that he could reach it). Mori’s army duly appeared, and a loyalty challenge on my second Mori card kept me from even doing any damage to Tokugawa’s army. That was the last act of turn 2, and Patch naturally won the initiative and won the siege of Osaka to win the game. (Now that I think of it, the surviving Mori blocks could have retreated into the castle…. darn it.)

We re-set the board and started a third game that didn’t go much longer. I pushed up to Gifu, but still had plenty holding things behind me. However, Patch’s nearby army had the cards, while I could only deploy a couple of units. He followed up with another fight against me before I could react, and eliminated the army, including Ishida. So Patch won that game in the second half of turn 3.

Technically, we had more time after that, but if the next game went the distance we wouldn’t have the time, so we called it there with Patch getting two wins to my one. (Sorry that none of the photos of the other games came out well.)