It is amazing just how much stuff can be packed into one two-bedroom apartment. I took Thursday and Friday off to help in shifting all our accumulation of ill-gotten gains. I’m afraid I kicked off to a slow start Thursday, but then, there were certain limitations. Dave had gotten a bunch of boxes from one of the places he does work for (they weren’t using the sizes any more, so they were happy to get rid of them), but those were already running low. Friday morning Dave took me over there, and we grabbed a completely silly number of unused boxes.

I wish I’d taken more. We blew through them by late Saturday afternoon.

The weekend was the first, best (only) chance at moving the furniture. However, there was still of lot of stuff in the way, so much of Saturday was spent in a wild packing party. With help from Kris, and Coppercheetah we got a good amount of packing done, and started moving furniture, about 4 major pieces out of my estimate of 16.

Yesterday was assisted by Coppercheetah again, and Dustykat. We packed more. Mostly all the little knick-knacky things that had spread to cover any unused horizontal surface. (And, well, quite a few used ones.) But along with that, the furniture was moved. And a few that we were jettisoning were disposed of. Except the dining room table. That’s still at the old place, but it’s not that heavy, and uses leaves, so we’ll have no problems moving it ourselves. So today Baron gets to clean up the place, shift more leftover items, and try to do something about the large closet that houses a lot of BackBreaker’s supplies.

About Comcast…. I set up the house server in the new place, and managed to show all the hardware was working, but I was blocked by their ‘you need to download our software’ notice. Which isn’t true in our case. Also, it turned out there was quite a bit of account confusion, as we had opened a new account Monday instead of transferring the old one, which had been the intention. That ended up waiting until Sunday evening, with portions of the new place being set up as Smudge and Coppercheetah worked their way through this. In the end we got it down to the modem problem, which refused to budge despite tech support’s assurances that it should be feeding through fine. Finally, Coppercheetah checked what cable modem they were fiddling with. It turned out that they were still working with the old modem (they handed us a nice, shiny, new, tinyer one Monday). I should have unplugged the old one when the last computer left the place. After that, it went well.

Now we just need to get the place properly set up for Ethernet. Right now, one machine is hooked up. Two more in that room won’t be hard, but we still need to figure out how we’re going to wire my room and Dave’s so we are on the network also. (Until that happens, my email is still effectively DOWN.)

I’m officially moved out of the old place. Most of my stuff is out, and I didn’t sleep there last night. However, I’m not really moved in to the new place either. Last night, I slept on the couch. Actually, it’s a futon that folds down that I’ve been using as my bed for the last seven years. But it’s not really mine, and now that there’s a proper living room again, it’s being returned to its proper role. This means that it’s time for me to get my own bed. I have plans for that, and I should be sleeping in my own room within a week. But the full set will take… time. It seems I have expensive tastes. -_-;

I would like to thank Dave, Paul, Coppercheetah, Kris, and Dustykat for all their help getting these three pack rats moved after nine years of continuous occupation in one place (seven for me). It was all a big help, and I don’t see any way we could have done it without all of you.

Also, we got an invite to a Christmas Eve dinner! Considering that me, Smudge, and Baron had no plans yet, this was very welcome!