Crossposted from the SFU blog on BGG.

The beta testing of the new Vassal module for F&E is finally starting to wrap up. Bel and I have been working on doing setups for all the major scenarios, and I’ve found and squashed a number of counter bugs along the way. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before a completed module is made available.

This has been taking a bit longer than I’d strictly like, but there’s been a number of new additions to the module along the way:

Raid and Battle markers can now be flagged to show which one is currently being resolved. Battle markers flip over to show units are capable of retrograde movement. There’s now a marker for units that are eligible for free strategic movement. And there are larger blank markers that can be labeled for a variety of purposes.

Admirals have been reworked and are now with the other ‘personnel’ counters. These counters will then draw from a hidden store of variable admirals when using that optional rule. (The old ones chose their variable status when originally pulled, meaning that any pre-done set up was always the same unless the players put them all back and re-drew them at the beginning of the game.)

And just recently, I pulled monitors out of the NSU section (…which they don’t belong in anyway; oops) and did separate MON+pallet counters for them. I am now working on combined tug+pod counters. I won’t be doing everything, but I plan to hit all the more likely combinations. I… may have already gone a little overboard on the Federation TUG combinations, but there’s still room for a few more….

I’m still working on this last part, and any suggestions as to useful tug counters will be appreciated.