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A little to my surprise, Belirahc and I’s Four Powers War game has finished off a turn before our main game, though it’s about done too.

The Lyrans are trying to clean up the mess left by the civil war. 27 EPs went into repairs, and there’s still a fair amount left to do. I’m prioritizing the current war-zone of course, but there’s not enough facilities to go around, and every fleet got some repairs. The Far Stars fleet will start slowly releasing ships after it’s all repaired, but I have a DD and 2xFF to go on that project.

Meanwhile, the Klingons are starting their fourth war with the Kzinti.

Klingons: C6, D7, D6D, F5L, F5, 3xE4, E3, SAF, D7->D7C
Lyrans: DNE, TGP, 2xCL, 2xDD, 2xFF

Yes, the Klingons now have a ship worse than the HN in the game: the lowly 3/2 E3 Escort. The new edition of FO will have counters for them and the E3A. Just what every Coalition player wanted. >.<;

I sent out heavy ships raiding (BCE, D6), and got a pair of cripples for my pains. The Lyrans at least, should have raided a bit closer to home.

The Klingons struck into Kzinti space, mostly going after some of the border defenses, though I made a try for the Duke’s starbase and the planet at 1504 as well. I always seem to have trouble sorting out my forces (in any game) the way I want/need on the first turn, and this was no exception, with my Admiral stuck at a minor battle, and other oddities.

The Lyrans had fairly limited operations. The Hydrans are still in the area in force, and anything I tried to do, Bel reacted to aggressively. And at this point, bases with fighters on them are fairly intimidating.

We both made some errors. It wasn’t until movement was over that Bel realized he’d never set up reserves for the Kzinti. o.0 And shortly after that, I realized I forgot to move my Commercial Convoy.

Regrouping on the Hydran border.

Opening moves of the Fourth Klingo-Kzinti War.

0410: SSC: Hydran: dest SA, crip 2xHN, retreat; Lyran: retreat
0113: Hydran: crip 2xKN; Lyran: dest CL, SC, crip CA, DD
0211: Hydran: crip CR, CU; Lyran: crip CA, 2xFF
1004: Kzinti: dest BATS; Klingon: F5, F5G
1205: Kzinti: dest BS; Klingon: crip 2xF5
1605: Retreat after refused approach
1506: Neutral: dest 2xPGB, planet captured; Klingon: crip F5
1504: Kzinti: crip CL; Klingon: crip F5L
1304: Kzinti: 2xSIDS, dest POL; Klingon: dest E3, crip D6, E4

Bel had a HN in 0410, and when I sent a ship to kill it, he reacted in another and a SA. I moved from the EB starbase (away from the nearby fleet) with a good SSC force (15 ComPot total) and then rolled an 11 to nearly wipe them out. Past that, the Lyrans didn’t have any combats where they had an adequate force.

The Klingons put a D6D and TGB-2DP on the line with an F5S in support for the starbase battle for 5EW, but Bel just put a SF in support with a CD and CLD on the line, and dialed the SB’s EW to 6 to generate a -2 shift anyway.

I’d hoped to do a lot more than kill two bases this turn, but I’m going to have to come up with a better plan than this to do it.

However, the score is a bit more even now, partially thanks to continuing repairs, and partly to killing two Kzinti bases. The Coalition is up eleven points to 34.5 VP and the Alliance is up point nine to 59.4, a Major Defeat for the Coalition