One of the sites I’m a long-time member of is Board Game Geek. It’s a site for people who like board games to look up information, talk to other people, post reviews and tips, and talk about how the session they just had went.

Two years ago, they started a new related site, RPG Geek, and just over a year ago they started Video Game Geek. They all have the same database, and you can cross-pollinate from one site to the others.

A fan-started project that became an ‘official’ event several years ago is the Geek of the Week. It’s a chance to celebrate someone who has contributed to the community, and get to know him better. The original started when there was only BGG, but now there’s separate celebrations for each of the three websites.

This week, I became the first person to have held the ‘Geek of the Week’ title for all three sites.

So, come take a look around and join in!