Patch and I went through our usual round of CC:A recently, doing the revised Battle of Plataea from Expansion #6. (I think we’ve played this FtF before, but I’m not sure if it was 1 or 2 rounds, and it would have been the Expansion #1 version.) Both sides have independent flanks, though the Persians have a three unit force in the center rear, while the Greek center is open. Also, it’s a combined Athenian/Spartan force, so the Greek left has hoplites, while the right has 5-block Spartan hoplites. The Persians have two units of Immortals, who are Mediums with archery capability.

I had the Persians for the first round and opened with Three Units Center to fill out my line. Not much happened for a few turns (I was struggling with a poor hand, including an Order Heavies, when there’s no Heavies in the scenario). We finally came into contact when I played Inspired Right Leadership, and I lost one more block than Patch, and then he Counter Attacked. That wiped out a Med and reduced another to one block, while I reduced two of his units to two blocks each.

I Ordered Mediums to try and redress the line, but my MC fled to the back line, and while I took out one of his units, it was with a 1-block leader-led Med who had to advance to get the job done. Patch wiped that out with Order Mediums, but the leader survived the loss of his unit. Patch marched up, and I anchored my center on a couple hills.

I advanced on my right, and traded four blocks for almost taking out an Aux. After a bunch of inconclusive skirmishing, I Rallied to get two units back to full (Aux and Immortals). Patch finally made contact on his right again, and knocked out an Aux, and nearly got may rallied Immortals at a cost of three blocks on his Spartans. I played I Am Spartacus to order a Aux (my right), Immortals and MC (both left). Patch used First Strike to chase the Immortals away (four banners!), but the MC took out his weakened Spartan MH. They then momentum advanced to take out a weak Aux his leader had fled to, and killed the leader as well. My Auxes finished off a Greek MH on the other flank.

Patch Coordinated Attack to finish off my Immortals, and chased off my cavalry. I mad another two attempts on the remains of his left flank before finally getting an Aux to finish a very long game. 6-4

Plataea 1

The second round went much faster, helped out by me leading off with a pair of Line Commands. I used them to bring the Spartans to bear on the right. Patch had opened with Move-Fire-Move to fill in his center, but my charge knocked an Aux there down to one block, as well as doing the same on his left flank, and wiping out a unit of Immortals at a total cost of two blocks for me.

Patch Ordered Left to get a unit of Spartan MH, and weakened an Aux, while I Ordered Mounted to get MH on both flanks in motion. Patch Ordered Left again, and I Counterattacked which wiped out the other unit of Immortals. Patch switched to Order Four Right and traded blocks with me. I Ordered Two Left to finish off an Aux and Medium. Patch Ordered Three Right to get an MH, but lost his MC to battle back, and then I Ordered Heavy (‘One’) to pick off a weak Aux. 6-2

Plataea 2

It’s an interesting situation thanks to the open center and emphasis on the left flank. The first game really dragged out in the middle when neither of us had any decent cards nor real advantage, while the second one took half the time thanks to aggressive play.