Blizzard posted the test realm notes for patch 1.8 recently. This info was not part of them, however:

Blue: Out of sync with the server bug
Mordsidhe | 9/29/2005 3:03:45 PM PDT
Level 60 Night Elf Warrior
Guild: The Eternal Covenant
Realm: Cenarion Circle

Occasionally when my warrior charges she gets out of sync with the server. This becomes apparent when mobs she tries to fight show a ‘out of range’ error, and npcs completely vanish. If I continue to play, then my warrior will continue to be aggroed and hit, fighting back is almost impossible as the mob hitting her is invisible. The only way to get back ‘in sync’ is to log out, and log back in again immediately after it happens. Failure to do so will give you other error messages such a being ‘unable to log out at this time’. The only way to fix it is to force the game to crash by rebooting the pc.

I understand this bug has been around since Beta, and I’m wondering if there are plans to address and fix it.

Tseric | 9/29/2005 3:08:30 PM PDT
Blizzard Poster

This has been something of a recurring issue and we have taken various steps to address it. There is a current solution which hopefully addresses this completely in 1.8.

I’m glad I missed the launch of WoW, and missed a lot of really bad bugs and instability that caused a lot of grief. I’ve gotten to see fairly regular content patches, and only three annoying long-term bugs. They got rid of sinking boats. Now there may be an end in sight for the charge bug. Are fixed mining and herbalism nodes far off?