Had Zjonni over Sunday for some gaming and dinner.

That is, he came over and cooked dinner; he usually stays over for dinner with us on game days. Like my roommate Barron, he enjoys cooking, so this time he returned the favor by fixing us a dinner. As he’s between semesters at school, I’m the limiting factor on available free time right now, and there was a nice long day to spend on both gaming and cooking.

Important things first. It was delicious.

Zjonni decided when he came over that he was in a mood for something that had more than just a couple units on the board, which left out the usual SFB. He was also feeling somewhat out of it, and so didn’t want to go into the brain-burn of ASL. So, we settled on Pursuit of Glory, which I had at least introduced him to before. He decided to take the Allied Powers, which seemed easier to get going with (I agree), and I refreshed him on the basics as we set up.

The day went fairly well, with us getting to about turn 5, which is the most I’ve managed in a single session so far, and with someone who hasn’t really played before, yet.

The opening moves were pretty standard, I ended up with no real Combat Cards on turn 1, so I only spent 6 cards, and missed drawing one on turn 2 (I try to avoid that). Naturally, the missing card was Reserves to the Front and I got clobbered pretty hard by Enver Goes East. I did get the jump on neutral Persia, and it was only towards the end that he started pressing into there. However, I was slow in Palestine, and he occupied the Sinai before I did much there. In fact, I never really paid that front the attention it needed, and spent too much effort with Russia.

The Russians front was reasonably active, with me having to patch several holes. In fact, at the end, I missed one and he started a grand flanking maneuver. While I was preventing that from going any further, Kitchner’s Invasion landed hear Homs.

At the end of things, the numbers looked good for me: 17 VP, 8 Jihad. But I was in deep trouble in Palestine. Elsewhere, things were better, and in fact, I was doing a good job sweeping up in Serbia.

Oh, I should mention that Churchill Prevails hit on turn 2, and the British navy destroyed everything in sight, including the Bosporus forts. First time I’ve seen it get past the second or third fort.