Had the gang over for gaming on Sunday. Well, Patch and Jason at any rate (and Dave lives here…); Mark couldn’t make it.

The day kind of snuck up on me, and I didn’t have any real plans set. Dave brought out some of his games as possibilities, and I leaped on Circus Maximus. We had four, which was nice and evenly divisible by the standard field of eight. It had been long enough that everyone had to go over the rules again, which meant it went most of the day.

Jason had a winning combination of a fast team and good driver, who ended up with a top speed of 24, and he just stuck to the 24 speed lane for the corners and with few exceptions just cruised there, slowly pulling ahead of everyone, and had no real competition. I think one of my teams probably had the best chance of trying to do something about it, but I wasted too much time dealing with other teams (such as Dave’s second place team). Patch and I both lost chariots late in the race due to flipping while trying to take a corner hard, and the only truly successful attack of the game was when Patch forced Jason’s second team into the inner wall while coming out of the second turn.

It’d be nice to actually play it again within a time frame where I haven’t forgotten everything I learned the last time.

We had a little time left, and played a quick round of Red Empire to finish off the day. We actually got through without the government falling, though we failed two crises, and a third would have finished us off. We failed the big one when there just wasn’t enough points available, and the second one came up while Dave and Jason were both off on Junkets, and Patch and I couldn’t do it by ourselves. However, that turned out to be the last crisis in the deck, so it was actually clear sailing. I managed to get my hand clogged with Government cards, and past the beginning of the game, never had a shot at being President (barely lost out on it at the opening). However, I did manage to snipe a couple of purges, and had strong contributions to all of the crises that were resolved, so I ended up in second place just behind Jason.