It’s heeere….

My copy of Successors just showed up today from GMT. I thought the game looked really interesting when Avalon Hill first published it over a decade ago, and now I actually have a copy.

Physically, it looks very good. The usual solid bookcase box, counters, a couple of nice looking dice, and a really, really nicely mounted board (nice surface texture to it too). And in about two weeks, I should get a chance to see how it plays.

Also, MMP is apparently just about to put the next Action Pack (#5) up on preorder. The usual deal, a dozen scenarios, three new boards; this time all set on the Eastern Front. Board 56 will have a somewhat spread out village with a mix of wooden and stone buildings and a number of groves/orchards. Board 57 is a second ‘transition’ board with buildings mostly along one side of the board, allowing a city to taper out more naturally. Board 58 is a three level hill with a number of orchards, and a bit of a pocket valley along one side of the center.

They’re really starting to come out with those faster than I can keep up….