Been meaning to get to this for a while. But I’ve been waiting for my good copy of AP4 to come in (see below).

Origins, one of the bigger gaming conventions, happened a week ago, which means that there’s also been a few new products lately.

ADB managed to get out Captain’s Log #37 while finishing off Module X1R (additional X-ships, as well as rules for ‘partial refits’) as their “Origins product”. They reported that the dealer’s room was smaller, but that they had very good sales. Next up should be Module Y2, with more early years ships for the empires in Y1, and the early ISC.

Also, several people have noted that it felt like a thinner crowd this year, but the convention ran 5 days (up from 4) and Origins reports a total increase in attendees, so they seem to have been spread out more.

MMP has had two new products recently. Action Pack 4 for ASL came out about a month ago. I’ve received my pre-ordered copy, but it was damaged in shipping, and I’m still waiting for its replacement to arrive. (Which they offered to send as soon as they heard the word “damaged”, I would have been willing to submit photographs as proof.) I haven’t really looked over the damaged copy, but what I’ve seen looks good. I have looked over the latest re-work of walls and bocage, and think they’ve done a fine job of clearing up a couple things that weren’t defined and providing some great examples (one of which came from an article in ASL Journal 3). They’ve also just released Warriors of God a fairly simple game of the 100 Years War that has been getting some glowing reviews, as well as South Mountain, the latest entry in The Gamer’s line, and part of the Regimental Sub-Series (RSS). They have also posted another game to the preorder list: Storm Over Stalingrad. They mention that it is on schedule to be released at Heat of Battle 2 in August, and will be released no matter what, the pre-orders are for those who want it early and cheap. The title would seem to be a reference to the fact that it uses a similar system the popular AH game, Storm Over Arnhem.

GMT meanwhile is reporting about 30 copies left of Blackbeard, pretty fast sales for a game that only came out a couple months ago. I imagine it has a reprint in its future. The schedule of game releases pushes on, with The Napoleonic Wars (reprint/2nd ed.) having gone out, and they’re gearing up for Successors (another AH reprint/new edition); I should get my copy late this month.

EDIT: And now that I’ve posted this anyway, my replacement copy has shown up.